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Well, here we go, the first trip prep post for The Purple Gypsy blog! Phxcc is upon us! I have to say because this has been such a long time coming for me, I am very excited to be making this post. While the trip itself is not an overly long one (Phoenix is only 2 hour from Tucson), it should be a fun one and I am truly excited about posting about it on this blog. The blog itself is still very much under construction, but I simply can’t help wanting to post.

You see I have always enjoyed traveling and dabbled in photography for many years. My Dad had ( probably still done) an old 35mm film camera that I used to tote around with me all the time. I constantly took photo’s of my surroundings and everything else. Landscapes and nature have always been a favorite and I worked in black & white as well as color. In high school, I even took a photography class and learned how to develop my own photos.

Alas, time marches on the winding path of the camera stopped working (I really should see if my Dad has that camera and might let me have it and I can see if I could have it repaired), and girl met boy and boy wanted things focused on him. Of course, this should have been alarm bell signals to this Gypsy, but I was young and in love. As the relationship went on I lost myself and much of what I enjoyed doing. My hobby’s fell away and anytime I talked about travel and photography, I was laughed at, told it was silly among other things. I spent 11 years like that between dating and the marriage. Of course looking back now that I am free of that relationship, I see how he was isolating me, making me feel less then and all the rest of the emotional abuse. I am free of that and finding myself again (he cheated, I found out, I mustered the strength to leave if you wanted the cliffs notes details), and that has meant rekindling old dreams.

So The Purple Gypsy was finally born and everything came together as I bought the domain, set up the blog and got the design done. Not everything is perfect by any means and there are still pieces of the puzzle to put together, but the first steps have been taken and I could not be happier about it. As with the rest of my life, my brain works a mile a minute to come up with new ideas and new things I can do, I really do need more hours in the day. Now with the why of the blog is out of the way (oh how I ramble), it is time for the what is this post for.


This weekend is Phoenix Comic con and my second time attending. Comic con is a fun and wonderful time for everyone who is a big nerd like this Gypsy! It might be an urban trip and may not hold nature for me to snap photos of it, but does hold a great deal of interesting things and people to see! While most of the photo’s this year will be point and shoot I am still looking forward to being able to blog about the experience on this new blog.

A lot of great celebrity guests will be there this year, including James Marsters, Alex Kingston & Billie Piper. So to anyone who reads this post, thank you for doing so and I hope you will enjoy looking around on the adventures that will be taken here. Everything from the urban adventures like comic con to adventures in nature. May this be the first large post of many to come in the future!


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